Award-Winning Siberian Irises


The Dykes Medal

The highest award for irises of any type bred by hybridizers in their respective nations and continents:
the American Dykes Medal, the British Dykes Medal, the Australian Dykes Medal,
the New Zealand Dykes Memorial Medal, and (1928-1938) the French Dykes Memorial Medal

YearMedalVariety NameHybridizer
1971 BritishCambridgeMarjorie Brummit
1979 BritishAnniversaryMarjorie Brummit
1995 New ZealandEmma RipekaFrances Love
1999 BritishBerlin RufflesTomas Tamberg
2000 BritishPerfect VisionCy Bartlett
2008 BritishPeter HewittJennifer Hewitt
2011 BritishStephen WilcoxJennifer Hewitt
2016 AmericanSwans in Flight Robert Hollingworth
2017 BritishCloud Over CleeJennifer Hewitt

The Morgan Award

The highest award reserved exclusively for Siberian Irises within the American Iris Society from 1952 through 1984

YearVariety NameHybridizer
1952 Tycoon Cleveland
1952 Eric the RedWhitney
1953 Caesar's Brother Morgan
1954 Tropic NightMorgan
1962 White Swirl Cassebeer
1963 Snowcrest Gage
1964 Tealwood Varner
1965 Violet Flare Cassebeer
1966 Cool SpringKellogg
1967 Blue BrilliantCassebeer
1968 Pirouette Cassebeer
1969 Velvet NightEdwards
1970 Dewful McGarvey
1971 Super Ego McGarvey
1972 Ego McGarvey
1973 Swank Hager
1974 Grand Junction McCord
1975 Halcyon SeasMcCord
1976 Orville Fay McEwen
1977 Vi Luihn DuBose
1978 Silver Edge McEwen
1979 AuguryMcGarvey
1980 Ruffled Velvet McEwen
1981 Butter and Sugar McEwen
1982 Steve Varner Briscoe
1983 Ann DaschVarner
1984 Pink Haze McGarvey

The Morgan-Wood Medal

The highest award in the American Iris Society reserved exclusively for Siberian Irises from 1986 to the present

YearVariety NameHybridizer
1986 Butter and Sugar McEwen
1987 Steve Varner Briscoe
1988 Pink Haze McGarvey
1989 Dance Ballerina DanceVarner
1990 King of KingsVarner
1991 Mabel Coday Helsley
1992 Lady Vanessa Hollingworth
1993 Jewelled CrownHollingworth
1994 Sultan's RubyHollingworth
1995 Aqua WhispersA.M. Miller
1996 Shaker's PrayerWarner
1997 Coronation AnthemHollingworth
1998 Frosted CranberryA.M. Miller
1999 Roaring JellySchafer/Sacks
2000 Over in GlorylandHollingworth
2001 Strawberry FairHollingworth
2002 Lake KeukaBorglum
2003 Careless SallySchafer/Sacks
2004 Blueberry FairHollingworth
2005 Where Eagles DareHelsley
2006 RiverdanceSchafer/Sacks
2007 Ships are SailingSchafer/Sacks
2008 Fond KissSchafer/Sacks
2009 Ruffles and FlourishesHollingworth
2010 Here Be DragonsSchafer/Sacks
2011 Banish MisfortuneSchafer/Sacks
2012 So Van GoghSchafer/Sacks
2013 Swans in FlightHollingworth
2014 Tree of SongsSchafer/Sacks
2015 Humors of WhiskeySchafer/Sacks
2016 Ginger TwistSchafer/Sacks
2017 Judy, Judy, JudyHollingworth
2018Miss AppleSchafer/Sacks
2021Cape Cod BoysSchafer/Sacks
2021Neptune's GoldHollingworth
2022Fisherman's FancyCopeland
2023Black JokerSchafer/Sacks

The Award of Merit

Irises proven of value over at least five years since introduction

1985Chilled Wine, Borbeleta, Teal Velvet
1986Frosty Rim, Shirley Pope, Jaybird
1987Dance Ballerina Dance, Omar's Cup, Harbor Mist
1988King of Kings, Creme Chantilly, Dancing Nanou, Laughing Brook
1989Mabel Coday, Jamaican Velvet, Windwood Spring
1990Lady Vanessa, Heliotrope Bouquet, Temper Tantrum
1991Jewelled Crown, Indy, Silver Illusion
1992Aqua Whispers, Sultan's Ruby, High Standards, Wizardry
1993Liberty Hills, Springs Brook, Cathy Childerson, Reprise
1994Shaker's Prayer, Coronation Anthem, Windwood Serenade, Pas-de-Deux
1995Contrast in Styles, Snow Prince, Vicki Ann
1996Frosted Cranberry, Moonsilk
1997Roaring Jelly, Harpswell Velvet
1998Over in Gloryland, Rill
1999Strawberry Fair, Lake Keuka
2000Sprinkles, Mesa Pearl
2001Careless Sally, Trim the Velvet
2002Blueberry Fair, Riverdance
2003Where Eagles Dare, Ships are Sailing
2004Fond Kiss, Somebody Loves Me
2005Carmen Jeanne,Tom Schaefer
2006Salamander Crossing, Butter and Cream
2007Ruffles and Flourishes, Banish Misfortune, China Spring
2008Here Be Dragons, Lavender Fair
2009Emily Anne, Uncorked
2010So Van Gogh, Kaboom
2011Swans in Flight, Charming Billy, Haleakala
2012Tree of Songs, Humors of Whiskey, Kilauea
2013Sugar Rush, Berries and Cream
2014Ginger Twist, Miss Apple
2015Judy, Judy, Judy, How Audacious
2016Cape Cod Boys, Encore Performance
2017Paprikash, Concord Crush
2018Hail to the Chief, Fisherman's Fancy
2019Neptune's Gold, Black Joker, Bluebird Kisses
2021My Girl Emily, Fisherman's Twilight
2022Art in Bloom, Hot Hot Hot
2023Fiddles On Fire, Wynne Magnolia

The Franklin Cook Memorial Cup

Awarded each year to the most popular convention iris introduced outside the host region

In 1994, awarded to Strawberry Fair, Hollingworth.
In 2010, awarded to Tree of Songs, Schafer/Sacks.
In 2011, awarded to Ginger Twist, Schafer/Sacks
In 2015, awarded to Swans in Flight, Hollingworth

The President's Cup

Awarded each year to the most popular convention iris introduced in the host region

In 1970, awarded to Dewful, McGarvey.
In 1991, awarded to Shaker's Prayer, Warner.